Poetry and music have been interconnected since the beginning of music history. There may be a logical explanation for this. Both are expressions of human feelings and thought and both can easily be brought together in the art of song, one of the earliest forms of music. I have always found pleasure in reading and writing poetry. As in painting sense for color is essential, in music colors in sound are essential. In poetry we must speak to the imagination in such a manner that colors are brought to ones mind so that we can actually visualise its meaning. This can be achieved by finding and choosing that special word and put it in the right place. When I listen to music I can hear, breathe and visualise its colors. When writing poetry I can hear its music, visualise each word and breathe the air from another world. I hope you may enjoy reading some of my poems.

Some of my poems:

Sonnet – Awakening – 2015
Virgo Lioness – 2015

Metamorphose – 2013
Mystique – 2010
Sonnet (Flammes Sombres) – 2008
Sepulchral Dream – 2005
Exile – 2003