Since his student time at the conservatory until the present day Lars teaches piano to children and adults. He teaches both beginner and professional pupils. From 2006 until 2009 he went to China in Wuhan city for teaching piano. His teaching methode is one based on the piano tradition of the great masters that he has inherited from his teacher Avi Schönfeld. A strong technique necessary for musical expression and a rich musical fantasy that urges to explore a more sophisticated pianistic approach.

Frequently asked questions:

The lessons take place in my music studio in Kessel. The studio is equipped with a modern Seiler concert grand (208 Professional) and a Yamaha grand. There is also available some professional recording equipment, so there is the possibility to make high quality recordings.

The lesson rate for students up to 21 years is € 22,50,- per 30 minutes (€ 33,75 / 45 min. € 45,- /60 min.) and from 21 years and older € 27,50 * per 30 minutes (€ 41,25 /45 min. € 55,- /60 min.) After a trial period of one month the period of notice for stop having lessons is 4 lessons. When a lesson is skipped by any reason or being ill, the lesson fee needs to be paid. Of course if there is a possibility the lesson time can be changed to another time, though well in advance. If illness takes longer than two weeks payment is required only for the first two weeks.

 * Adults from 21 years and older in the Netherlands have to pay 21% VAT.

Yes that is possible, with me you are in good hands. In China I had lots of experience in teaching professional piano students. If you decide with me to prepare for some entrance examination at one or more conservatories, than we shall together make a good but realistic study plan to realise your ambitions. And not to forget the preparation for ear training and music theory.

When desired I can offer also lessons in music theory (harmony, musical form, music history etc.) and ear training .

For having lessons with Lars, please CONTACT here.

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