Lars Nelissen van Gasselt
2nd of February, 2015

Virgo Lioness
(Poem of Ecstasy)

My heart is beating,
Fiercely my blood’s throbbing through my vessels.

I want to run… flee !
Yet, in the countenance of your beauty I freeze.

It feels a safe distance,
Yet shiny diamond eyes pierce my heart.

It’s as if I die in the shadow of a Queen,
A shadow brighter as the shiniest star.

Oh, creature staring at me from afar !
Observing my every move,

Being, aware of my every breath,
Sensing my every weakness.

Oh, creature standing there in splendour,
Being, so beautiful that it frightens !
From the stare of your eyes I cannot flee,
In the precipitation of your manifest I succumb.

The jewels in your mouth pierce deep my throat,
Your flaming breath overruns my all body.

A pain pleasant relinquishes my agony,
Through your mortal kiss free I am at last !